Silence dans la vallée
Directed by Marcel Trillat
- Shortlisted at FIGRA (2008)

Shimon Peres
Directed by Samuel Lajus
- Shortlisted at the Colmar Film Festival (2007)
- FIPATEL (2008)

René Char
Directed by Jérôme Prieur
- Shortlisted at the Pessac International History Film Festival (2007)
- Shortlisted at the Escales Documentaires (2007)

The white platoon, Chronicle of the War in Iraq
Directed by Yuri Maldavsky and Timothy Grucza
- Banff Worlf Television award winner
- Shortlisted at the Hotdocs (2015)

Comrades, the golden age of The French communists
Directed by Yves Jeuland
- FIPA silver medal in the creative and essay documentaries category, Biarritz (2004)
- FOCAL award for the Best Use of Footage in a History Factual Production, London (2005)
- Shortlisted at the World Film Festival of Montreal (2004)

Ourasi, the Lazy King
Directed by Jackie Bastide
- Grand Prix at the International EPONA Festival (2003)

Flight AF 8969 Algiers-Paris
The secret story of a hijack
Directed by Séverine Labat & Malik Aït-Aoudia
- Award of the best investigation at FRIGA (2003)
- The Touquet (2003)

Paris at all cost
Directed by Yves Jeuland
- Golden 7 for the best documentary show
- Award of the club de l'audiovisuel de Paris, au Sénat - Lauriers du Sénat
- Award of the Broadcast Magazine
- Pessac History Film Festival
- Etats généraux du Documentaire de Lussas (2001)


Et moi, et moi, et moi...
Directed by Yves Jeuland
- Shortlisted at FIGRA (2002)
- Dauphine University Award (2001)

Dreams of Higher Learning
Directed by Yves Jeuland
- Shortlisted at FIPA (2000)

Jerusalem Madness
Directed by Théo Robichet
- Shortlisted at the Lille Film Festival (1998)


Che’s Companions
Directed by Variety Moszynski
- Shortlisted at the Biarritz Film Festival (1997)

Directed by Marine Thoquenne
- Shortlisted at the Sheffield Documentary Film Festival (1996)
- Cinéma du Réel Festival (1997)
- Cork Festival (1997)

Directed by Philippe Kohly
- Silver Paladino at the 19th edition of the Palermo International Sport Films Festival (1997)

Albert Camus
Based on a novel by Olivier Todd – Directed by James Kent
- Shortlisted at FIPA (1997)

Act-Up : Time’s not all we kill
Directed by Christian Poveda
- Shorlisted at the Gay & Lesbian Film Festival (1996)

Opus Dei – A Long Way
Directed by Pierre Abramovici
- Shorlisted at the Pessac Festival (1997)

La Comédie Française or Love’s labors acted
Directed by Frederick Wiseman
- Shortlisted at the festivals of Venice, Montreal, London, and Amsterdam 1996, and Melbourne and Istanbul 1997

Olympic Cocktail
Directed by Albert Knechtl
- Silver medal for the best IOC Olympic TV program (1996)

Whatever Happened to the Heroes?
Directed by Albert Knechtl
- Silver medal for the best IOC Olympic TV program (1996)

Psychedelic Trance
Directed by Martin Meissonnier
- Shortlisted at the Dei Popoli Festival of Florence (1996)

Directed by Yvon Gérault
- Shortlisted at the History Film Festival – Reuil-Malmaison (1996)