A film by Lorenza Garcia

Running Time: 52'

/ Format: HD | 16/9

The documentary "The song that heals the earth" is part of "Guardians of Harmony". This collection proposes to look at nature and the relationship to the living, between our western society and the root peoples in order to draw inspiration from the values they hold for the world of tomorrow.

It's through singing that the path of Lorenza Garcia's life has changed. Twenty years ago, she met the Diné people who introduced her to the Navajo culture. With them, she discovered the concept of Hozho, which means Beauty, Harmony, Balance, Health.

If singing, here, is an art, over there it has the power to heal. It holds a fundamental place in Native American culture. Alongside Lorenza, we will discover a new perception of the relationship between man and nature according to the teachings of this people.

The arrival of a delegation of Native Americans in France and a singer from the musical group Thoz Womenz who will meet Pierre Rahbi, as well as Lorenza's trip to the Indian lands, will give rise to purification ceremonies through song, here and there. Between lands scarred by the violence of the past and the meeting of those who are working to heal the land, a dialogue is being woven for a reconciliation between man and nature. By taking the path/voice of Beauty through the power of song, the movie is an invitation to a journey between two cultures.

Director : Lorenza Garcia
Editing : Frédéric Bonnet

Produced by : Camera lucida (Valérie Grenon)
Co-produced by : Ushuaia TV et Navajo France 

With support from the Centre National du Cinéma et de l’image animée

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