Hervé Glabeck, Samuel Guiton

Running Time: 3x43'/3x52'

/ Format: HD

/ Available versions: FR | EN

Goats can ask humans for help…

Geese turn out to be very bright birds…

Rabbits can solve puzzles…


Intelligence, emotions, memorisation skills, ability to share and transmit knowledge, strategy, sophisticated language, empathy, and solidarity between individuals… 

This documentary collection offers a surprising and educational encounter with farm animals, alongside the experts who study them on-site and those who look after them. 

An invitation to change the way we look at these species who are more intelligent than appears at first sight… 

One film, one species

Geese, goats, rabbits… These species exist around the globe, thanks to their tremendous adaptive capacities. Without setting out on an exhaustive round the world tour, our series will head off to meet the different sorts of geese, goats and rabbits that inhabit our planet.

An original and enlightening immersion

We shall film these familiar species as if they were wild animals in the African savannah or in tropical forests. 

Immersion in their “world” with allow us to grasp the complexity of their social behaviour and their relationship to man who, for his part, will be introduced from the animal’s viewpoint. 

Astonishing cognitive capacities and an extensive history with man

Experts from around the world

For each species, experts in biology and ethology will be filmed in the field, always whilst interacting with the animals being studied. 


Direction: Hervé Glabeck, Samuel Guiton

Authors: Alexandra Ternant, Hervé Glabeck, Samuel Guiton


Nature Without Borders International Film Festival 2021 - Outstanding Excellence Award
Pariscience 2021 - Sélection Scolaire - Compétition Jury en Herbe
Deauville Green Awards 2022 - Official competition

Nature Without Borders International Film Festival 2021 - Excellence Award

Nature Without Borders International Film Festival 2021 - Excellence Award

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