A film by Adriana Lopez Sanfeliu 

Running Time: 52' | 61'

/ Format: HD

/ Available versions: FR | EN

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ELLIOTT ERWITT - Silence sounds good | Trailer

Elliott Erwitt has spent his entire adult life taking photographs, of presidents, popes and movie stars, as well as regular people and their pets. His work is iconic in world culture while his life is largely unknown. 

Elliott Erwitt – Silence sounds good is a quiet, intimate portrait of an artist at work, who values companionship of all kinds above idle conversation. His life’s work is a testament to the power of the image.

Director: Adriana Lopez Sanfeliu
Co-writers: Adriana Lopez Sanfeliu et Mark Monroe
Editor: Scott Stevenson, ACE
Image: Adriana Lopez Sanfeliu, Kristen Johnson                                           
Sound: Adriana Lopez Sanfeliu, Judy Karp
Original composer: Eric Neveux

Producers: Camera Lucida Productions et Adriana Lopez Sanfeliu
In association with ARTE France-La Lucarne
With the participation of Movistar
International sales: CLPB rights

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